How to

Apply with LinkedIn settings

  1. Create developer account in LinkedIn. Go to . 
  2. Create an Application
  3. After registering your Application you will receive Client ID and Client Secret
  4. Enter WPadmin/Job Listing/Settings/ApplyWith
  5. Add Client ID and Client Secret from LinkedIn to the corresponding fields.
  6. Now you need to add to LinkedIn authorization URL 
  7. Copy THE SAME URL to your application in LinkedIn. It is very important to copy full URL as in WP admin, otherwise the plug-in won’t work correctly 
  8. Press UPDATE in your LinkedIn app and SAVE CHANGES in your WP admin
  9. All new application you’ll find in Job Listing/Job Application 

Apply with Indeed settings

  1. Enter
  2. Enter Application name and choose Add Api Key 
  3. You will receive API Token for your application 
  4. Go to WP admin of your site. Go to Job Listings/Settings/ApplyWith 
  5. Copy your API Token to Indeed API Token and Save changes 
  6. Go to your Indeed Application and press Edit 
  7. Enter your site URL to the Application Website field. 
  8. All new application you’ll find in Job Listing/Job Application